Friday, May 09, 2008

¡El Zoológico!

Well, after a couple of days wandering around, Josh and I decided to go on a full blown day outing on Friday - the zoo! Even back in the states we'd heard that this was a very nice zoo, and who's too old for a zoo in the end?

Also for us this was a breakthrough day of learning the bus system! Well ok, that meant asking around, studying the bus system by book and internet, and finally walking 30 minutes to the bus stop we'd hoped would take us to the zoo... but hey we made it!

This was trusty Autobús 62 - our ticket to adventure.
cost: 50 American cents

I was rather charmed by the lady who sat patiently knitting while the bus bounced and flew down the road. She must know were she's going. :)

Front Gate

Josh kindly took this one of me, my hippo shirt, and my hippo friend. (he was kind of the still, stony, quiet type but that's ok)

Blue monkeys on pedestals. Don't go all rushing to your local home decoration store all at once...

This is another one I took, I thought these monkeys were so cute - they were like little old men with beards!

The polar bear! It eventually gave up pawing at its little food cave to come cool off.

I got this one of him swimming right by, we and the people around us were exited!

Look! Mexico!

Hehe, Josh was the better photographer than I that day, and here's the proof.

the gorilla portrait.


Shiloh said...

The polar bear is AMAZING.

LifeMelodies said...

HOWDY! I finally made it into this here system. Looks like a splendid day - keep up with the updates, I'm gonna be watching like a hawk.

Charity said...

they have Canguros in MEXICO?!?

Glad to hear you made it safely and are surviving thus far! The zoo is great. :D And so is public transport...especially for only 50 cents!

Pastor Brad Johnston said...

Hey Candace:

Lots of creation exploration, I see! Awesome to see the zoo. I especially like seeing the inside of the bus...makes me grateful for clean and bright transportation...even the subway in NYC is better! Good ole USA.

Josh said...

Very cool.

Me, Myself, and I said...

I want a monkey for my front yard!

Quite grand.